FAQ Shivam ERP


Frequently Asked Questions for Shivam ERP


What is ERP?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is basically a business management software which is usually a combination of different applications in a single package through which a company can manage and store data for the use of business.

What is Shivam ERP?

Shivam ERP is basically an Web based ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) product which is very helpful in managing Business processes such as Transactions, Cash or Bank Entries, Account Management, Inventory Management, Reports and many more.

Who should Shivam ERP?

People having Medium or Small Businesses such as Distributors, Traders, Wholesalers or Retailers can use Shivam ERP very effectively and efficiently which will help them to increase flexibility and growth in their Business.

How much time it takes to implement and work on the Shivam ERP?

The Implementation and Work on Shivam ERP depends upon the requirements of the client or the customer. If the Customer wants the Initial Data Setup i.e Ready to use Data then it would be chargeable as Applicable and the Time depends upon the Amount of Data which has to be stored in Shivam ERP.

What are the necessary requirements needed to use Shivam ERP?

There is as such no requirement needed to operate Shivam ERP. You just need a device with a Browser in it and a Internet Connection connected to the Device and you can use the Shivam ERP from anywhere.

How much price does it take to install and setup Shivam ERP?

We don't charge any extra money for the installation and setup for Shivam ERP. It actually doesn't need to get installed. You just have to open the Browser and enter the link which will redirect you to Shivam ERP and you can start working by Logging in it.

Would there be any Live Training provided for understanding and using Shivam ERP?

Yes there would be a Live Training provided for all the clients that too without charging a single Rupee. Our Engineer would visit your place and will provide you with the Training for understanding and using Shivam ERP till the time you don't get well versed with each and every Module of Shivam ERP.

Can I take the whole Shivam ERP site to my Server?

No you can't take the Shivam ERP site to your server. But if you want to talk it to your own server then you have to pay some extra money for it as compared to the normal standard charges. But it would be only provided under the conditions that the Maintenance of the server would be under us and the Proprietorship of the whole Shivam ERP code would be under us.

How Secured is Shivam ERP?

The server is maintained in a very secured environment. Shivam ERP has a fully automate data backup feature in which your data is stored safely and securely in different Data Servers in different locations.

Would you charge anything extra for further customization of Shivam ERP?

Till the time the changes in Shivam ERP are minor we won't charge anything but if the changes are out of the Scope of the Product then we would definitely charge you for the changes as required by the client.